Management development


“Jackie McGee has my highest recommendation as an executive coach. With her support and guidance, I was able to identify where and how to improve my management approach and leadership style and Jackie was key to providing me with the ingredients to do so.

Jackie was always honest and empathetic in her approach and I can’t thank her enough.”

Gianna, Head of Finance – Studio Canal

“I would thoroughly recommend working with Jackie through the Management Coaching Sessions. These sessions were an extraordinary experience for me and a fascinating journey from day one. Jackie is both engaging and inspiring and enthused me to think, reflect and ask interesting questions of myself in order to improve my relationships and communication with others. I came away with an understanding of an area which until then had been confusing for me, my confidence boosted.”

Georgie, Practice Manager – McLaren Capital

“Thank you Jackie. I have to admit that I started off my sessions with a slight amount of suspicion, but after the first session really looked forward to subsequent ones. As a very time poor working mum, stress was a major factor in my life. You have helped me take a holistic approach to managing my time and working relationships more effectively. I found the sessions to be constructive, cathartic and regularly full of humour. Thank you!”

Kath, Head of Sales – Key Production

“Jackie has a positive and collaborative approach. After her empathetic input I feel much better prepared to work with individuals and teams within the practice.”

Matt, Associate Director – Michaelis Boyd

“Her approach encouraged me to perceive things from alternative perspectives looking at the effect of others, not just myself.”

Hannah, Associate – Michaelis Boyd

“She is challenging in her approach, whilst being empathetic to the human and emotional factors which affect the person giving feedback as well as the person receiving feedback.”

Alex T, Associate – Michaelis Boyd

“I cannot recommend Jackie highly enough. She had the tough task of training our management team. She put together coaching workshops which really suited our business needs, and the personalities within.”

Christina, Snr Architect – Michaelis Boyd

“I’d highly recommend one, two, five… ten sessions! I think there’s always more to learn here and Anthony sets you up with tools to go out there and deal with any problem. Without giving away all the secrets, I learnt how to listen more effectively, encourage and influence others, manage upwards, gain a broader perspective and be less anxious about the unknown during tough times. All of this gave me greater clarity to make a big career decision and I’m very grateful.”

Michelle, Growth Marketing Manager – Pinterest

“Jackie was extremely helpful in plotting our way through some difficult scenarios . Highlights – helping to see causes and patterns in performance and behaviour , and suggestions of alternative approaches to get different results. This was challenging at the start , but in a way this made the issues less ‘personal’ and that was a big help and my biggest takeaway.”

Stuart M, Associate – Moreno Masey

“The management coaching proved to be both an invaluable and enlightening experience in handling HR matters developing management techniques and styles. Eye opening, informative with precious insights and improved skills, that helped both coach the manager while strengthening and developing the team.”

Stuart C, Associate – Moreno Masey

“Jackie’s coaching sessions were an invaluable way of learning the basic principals of being a successful manager. I gained a huge amount of knowledge and learned simple ways to put this into practice.”

Beverly , Practice Manager – Moreno Masey

HR Suppot and guidance


“I was extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work with and learn from Jackie. Her commitment and drive were invaluable, and helped implement fluid processes that perfectly fitted the business. Her ability to navigate complex issues with both a clear head and positivity is something I now aim for myself, and all with a smile on her face!”

Lydia, HR Manager – Michaelis Boyd

“She is the RH of HR”

Alex Michaelis, Co-owner – Michaelis Boyd

“Having Jackie on board to refer to, indeed to be able to refer difficult situations for you to deal with for us was greatly appreciated and allowed us to get on with the work and to deal with conversations that frankly I didn’t want to have! Running construction projects is easy compared to running people!”

Stuart , Associate – Moreno Masey

“Having Jackie there to run issues through with gives me more confidence to be an effective manager in all areas of HR.”

Beverley , Practice Manager – Moreno Masey

Change management


These are the best, vision, values and objectives I have ever seen from my Finance Team


Anthony, Great delivery, enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Andy – AZUR

Thanks Anthony for a great day today and well done for coping with a challenging workshop. It provided us with great insight . I thought there was a lot more common ground between members of the group at the end of the day than there was at the start and that’s thanks to your efforts on the day. So, well done.

Gordon, Chief Executive – JMP Consultants


Personal coaching


All the coaching work we did: the mind-mapping, examining ideas from every angle, andjust the free-form thinking process did me a world of good. I feel I’ve got the tools to tackle whatever comes next. And if not, I’ve got your number!


“Jackie has coached me through a period of time wherein I was stuck in my working life and having difficulty deciding which way to go. During my sessions with her, she showed me, through various techniques (theory, experimenting, visualising) a way forward and motivated me to take back the reigns and make some fundamental changes.  

I also really enjoyed our sessions – Jackie is warm and funny, energetic and generous.”


“I was so frustrated in my role as a lawyer, as I did not feel my contribution was being recognised. My coaching sessions with Jackie, helped me understand how people can have very different behavioural styles. With this, you have to flex your style of communication for a better interaction.   I did this, and was promoted and was given two salary increases within the year.”